5 JIRA Integrations We Can't Live Without

Photo by annebaek/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by annebaek/iStock / Getty Images

As a team that develops enterprise software, we use Atlassian products as the core of our development process - and that means that JIRA has become an indispensable piece of software for us.  Of course the Atlassian Marketplace is full of great add-ons, but below are a few that we use everyday and couldn’t live without.  


Capture for JIRA
This screen capture and testing tool is baked right into the browser via extensions.  Its power comes in the collaborative testing and being able to generate a JIRA issue right from the interface.  While it’s similar to Evernote’s Skitch in its annotation features, the browser, and JIRA integration make it far easier and much more powerful.


InVision for JIRA
InVision has become a required tool for all of our projects because we believe that design is just as important as code.  The ability to launch Inspect right from the JIRA issue dramatically speeds up the CSS coding of the design elements that we create.  


TestRail for JIRA Test Management
Testing can be tedious and difficult to track, but TestRail does a great job of keeping things organized and now displays the testing results inline with a JIRA issue.  This makes it easy for our team to report an issue, see how multiple test results relating to that issue have progressed, and then determine what fixes to implement with our dev team.  


Tempo Timesheets for JIRA
The best time tracking software is the one that you use, so being integrated with JIRA (where we spend a lot of our day anyway) is the simplest approach for our team.  The cost center tools give us a high level view of project budgets so we know where we stand as the work is being performed.


Disclaimer: HYFY is our own creation - we built it because we needed a simple video recorder to make it easier to work with a distributed team.  HYFY means screen recording is always just a click away, and we can even start a recording right from inside a JIRA issue via the add-on.  It has dramatically improved our communication as we can now simply talk through what we are seeing on a screen, plus it has decreased the time spent documenting multi-step processes with screenshots and annotations.  
Try HYFY for JIRA FREE in the Atlassian Marketplace or from the Google Chrome Web Store.


What JIRA add-ons does your team use?