Automate Screen Recordings with HYFY and Selenium

HYFY allows you to start screen recordings in an automated/programmatic way.  This is great for test automation or for creating automated workflows with screen recording built-in.

Minimum supported version: HYFY Chrome Extension Version 3.26.0

Step-by-step Guide

1. Open Google Chrome with the following flags to give extended recording permissions to the HYFY Chrome Extension:


OPTIONAL: include the following flag to bypass the "Share your screen" default window chooser dialog provided by Chrome and start the desktop recording in "Entire screen" mode by default:

--auto-select-desktop-capture-source="Entire screen"

2. Navigate to the following URL:


3. You will see 2 buttons - choose your recording method:

  • Record Tab - Click on the Record Tab button to start recording the current Chrome tab. Tab recording begins without any further user interaction.
  • Record Desktop - Click on the Record Desktop button.  You will be asked to choose a screen, window or tab to record.  NOTE: this option is required if you want to record the sound from the system (full screen only).

4. After the recording begins, when you are ready to stop, navigate to the following URL:


5. Click on Stop Recording.

6. You will see a page with the details of the recording, including:

  • Recording Status - Active / Uploading / Completed
  • Upload Progress - progress indicator for upload process
  • Creator URL - URL of the video where the creator can edit
  • Viewer URL - URL of the video where the viewer can see it
  • Thumbnail URL - URL of the video thumbnail


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