See how HYFY compares to other tools

HYFY is so much more than screen capture. Here’s a few things to consider:

HYFY The Other Guys
Recording One click and go. No settings to configure. Settings screens with dozens of options to configure.
Video Files Videos are encoded and uploaded to the cloud immediately. Large video files on your computer or uploads to YouTube or Vimeo that require separate accounts.
Sharing Video link is immediately ready to preview, paste or share. Spend a long time waiting for your video to be processed and ready to view. Then you’re on your own to figure out how to transfer a large file.
Privacy Restrict access to individual emails, email domains, Slack, JIRA, HipChat teams Videos are public or viewers must have an account.
Team Tools Use HYFY direct integrations with JIRA, HipChat or Slack. Or simply copy/paste a link into any tool. Few support all of JIRA, HipChat and Slack directly.
Viewing View HYFY videos anywhere, including mobile devices with nothing to install. HYFY automatically transcodes for optimal viewing. Many use Flash - popular browsers are blocking it now and support is in decline.
Platform HYFY works anywhere you can run the Google Chrome browser, including Chromebooks. Many apps are Mac-only or PC-only. Very few work on Chromebooks at all.