Capture lessons faster. Go home early.

Teachers want to spend their time teaching and less time typing
instructions or producing videos.

For teachers that need to walk their students through concepts visually without a ton of production effort, HYFY is a reimagined screen recording tool that drastically reduces the time it takes to record, narrate and share lessons and instructions.

Unlike other screen capture tools, HYFY only requires a few clicks to share videos wherever your class is learning.

HYFY videos make it easier than ever to create a library of curriculum and rubric  for your students.

You can break a lesson or concept up into many smaller targeted and focused videos instead of one big one to optimize your lessons for the class attention span.

Don’t have budget for a training library? You’ll have a reusable library in no-time after using HYFY.

  One-click recording - No video files to convert or upload

  Share directly to JIRA, HipChat or Slack. Or simply copy/paste a link into any other tool.

  HYFY videos are viewable by anyone with no software to install.

  Keep a library of commonly asked questions and solutions / quicker answers for your students 1:1