Save time. Communicate better. Accomplish more.


One Click Recording

  • Simply click the HYFY button to capture your screen & voice.

  • Click again and you are ready to share.

  • HYFY handles all the encoding, saving, uploading and storage
    for you.

80% fewer clicks
than other screen capture tools.

Simple Sharing

  • Lots of screen capture tools record videos well enough, but then you are on your own when it’s time to share.

  • Stop dealing with storage and transfers and post-processing of giant video files.

  • HYFY handles everything for you so that sharing is so easy, you’ll want to do it all day long.

Show and tell. Fast and easy!

Keep Videos Private

  • With HYFY PRO you can restrict access to videos with sensitive content.

  • Limit sharing to individual email addresses, email domains, JIRA / Service Desk domains, HipChat groups or Slack teams

HYFY helps you keep
your content safe!

Screenshots and text just don’t cut it.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Video with mouse capture is the easiest way to point directly to what you’re seeing while moving through all facets of an issue. Verbalizing an issue avoids delays associated with word-smithing, overly formal language or “writing it up later.” It also improves clarity for teams with language barriers.

Stop typing so much.

Fast to create, easy to view.

HYFY is simply the fastest way to capture video and audio, but can your team actually view it? HYFY videos can be viewed by your teammates from anywhere, on any platform—desktop PCs, mobile phones, tablets...you name it.

It just works.

Designed for teams of professionals.

Professionals need to save time but they also require their content to be secure. That’s why HYFY lets you pick who can view your videos. You choose the Slack teams, JIRA domains, HipChat groups and email names/domains that get access.  Or you can make it public and let it fly!

It’s ready for your team.

See how HYFY compares to other tools

HYFY is so much more than screen capture. Here’s a few things to consider:

HYFY The Other Guys
Recording One click and go. No settings to configure. Settings screens with dozens of options to configure.
Video Files Videos are encoded and uploaded to the cloud immediately. Large video files on your computer or uploads to YouTube or Vimeo that require separate accounts.
Sharing Video link is immediately ready to preview, paste or share. Spend a long time waiting for your video to be processed and ready to view. Then you’re on your own to figure out how to transfer a large file.
Privacy Restrict access to individual emails, email domains, Slack, JIRA, HipChat teams Videos are public or viewers must have an account.
Team Tools Use HYFY direct integrations with JIRA, HipChat or Slack. Or simply copy/paste a link into any tool. Few support all of JIRA, HipChat and Slack directly.
Viewing View HYFY videos anywhere, including mobile devices with nothing to install. HYFY automatically transcodes for optimal viewing. Many use Flash - popular browsers are blocking it now and support is in decline.
Platform HYFY works anywhere you can run the Google Chrome browser, including Chromebooks. Many apps are Mac-only or PC-only. Very few work on Chromebooks at all.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a HYFY recording be?
You can record up to 3 minutes of high quality video and voice with HYFY FREE. If you want more recording time, please upgrade to HYFY PRO for a 60-minute limit per video. Limiting the recording time for each video helps us keep storage costs under control.

Where are my HYFY videos stored?
Your HYFY videos are automatically uploaded over secure SSL to the cloud, specifically the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, and stored securely with unique, un-guessable IDs in their Simple Storage Service (S3).

How many HYFY videos can I store?
You can store an unlimited number of videos. Limiting the recording time for each video helps us keep storage costs under control.

Do HYFY videos expire?
Videos recorded with HYFY FREE will expire after 7 days. If you upgrade to PRO, your videos will never expire. You can permanently delete a HYFY video from your video library at any time.

If I uninstall HYFY, are my videos deleted?
No, your videos are not currently deleted if you uninstall HYFY, just in case you change your mind and want to rejoin us!

What happens to my videos if I downgrade to HYFY FREE?
If you downgrade from HYFY PRO to HYFY FREE, then the following will occur:

  • videos that were recorded when you were a subscriber will continue to exist and not expire
  • videos that were private when you were a subscriber will remain private and cannot be changed to public
  • videos that were public when you were a subscriber will remain public and cannot be changed to private
  • private video sharing settings cannot be changed or removed
  • private videos can still be deleted at any time

Why do I have to pay for HYFY PRO?
Hey, we gotta eat too! Seriously, we do everything we can to keep the cost of HYFY very low for our users, but we need to cover the costs of our storage and server infrastructure and fund future development.

Can I download a HYFY video locally?
Yes, HYFY will let you download any video that you created. When you finish recording just click the "Download" button.  You can also download from your video library - just click the "Download" button on any video.

Can I upload a HYFY video to YouTube?
We don't yet officially support uploading to YouTube, but there is an easy workaround.  When viewing a HYFY video, just click the "Download" button.  You should be able to upload the saved video file to YouTube without any trouble.

Does HYFY record without my knowledge?
No — HYFY will NEVER record your browser, screen or voice unless and until you ask us to do so.

Are my HYFY videos public?
With HYFY FREE, the links/URLs generated for HYFY videos can be viewed by anyone. The videos themselves are not available to be indexed by search engines. Upgrade to HYFY PRO to unlock the ability to set video privacy.

How do I cancel the FREE TRIAL? Will I be charged?
Simply stop using HYFY and uninstall by right-clicking the extension icon and selecting "Remove from Chrome..."(video demo: https://app.hyfy.io/v/abPJYE0zKd/).  Your account will expire automatically.  We never charge you without your explicit consent.

How do I cancel a paid PRO subscription?
Just follow the instructions in this HYFY video: https://app.hyfy.io/v/absPzbxWLJ/


Other questions?
If you have a question that we haven't answered here, please contact us at support@hyfy.io and we'll respond ASAP!