Capture what matters.
Use video to communicate faster and more clearly with teammates and customers.


Get your customers engaged.

Don’t just send another written email. Deepen customer relationships by sharing personalized recordings with your face, voice and brand’s logo and color. Make your welcome notes, friendly reminders, and bespoke proposals stand out in your customer’s inbox.

Gain shared understanding. Instantly.

Showing is better than telling. Record a one-minute video in just a few clicks. Emphasize what matters most to your customers by highlighting valuable features, answering objections, and pointing to your call to action.

Heighten that important point.

Share bite-sized GIFs that say more, with less. Send a snapshot of a value proposition or highlight a due date on a reminder. Show the signature line and get the close!
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Make your message count
from wherever you work.

Sharing personalized videos and GIFs with your customers has never been easier. Create videos and insert them into any of your favorite applications.


Find the plan that's right for you

per user, per month *
Record and capture your full screen, any browser window, and webcam - Choose whether to include it after you record

Share videos from wherever you work

10-minute recording time per video

Recordings expire after 7 days — No longer visible to your customers
per user, per month *
Receive the same benefits as HYFY FREE,
but you’ll also get:


Create and share animated GIFs

Recordings never expire — keep them visible to your customers

Extend your brand by adding a logo and brand colors to customers' views

Securely select and limit viewers' access

60-minute recording time per video
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