Maximize your customer loyalty with Olark.
One-click personalized videos. Record and instantly share videos in response to any customer question.
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Give customers the bigger picture
with bite-sized videos

Respond to your customers' questions with videos and provide them with more context in the moment - Show customers your product's value in a 1-minute video vs. exchanging multiple messages that risk their understanding of your answers.

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Watch how you can use video to speak directly to your customers

You can record or share a video from your HYFY library to answer any customer question. Record high-resolution videos that speak directly to your customers to increase overall engagement and satisfaction.


Find the plan that's right for you

per user, per month *
Record any browser window or full screen,
images, and your voice

Share videos from wherever you work

10-minute recording time per video

Your customers' video viewing limited to 7 days
per user, per month *
Receive the same benefits as HYFY FREE,
but you’ll also get:


Unlimited video viewing for your customers

Securely select and limit viewers' access

Extend your brand by adding your logo
and colors to customers’ views

60-minute recording time per video

Animated GIF creation and cropping
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* State and local sales tax will be added to the cost, where applicable