Share ideas faster. Go home early.

Product managers need to propose new ideas and get quick feedback from customers & stakeholders in order to beat the competition to market with the right solution.

Make things easier with faster sharing of videos, highlight milestones or just gush over a new feature.

Demonstrate competing products and get feedback from stakeholders that isn’t just a one-line email response.

HYFY is the product your boss & executives will love and one they might use themselves!

For product managers that need to capture new feature demos or MVP feedback, HYFY is a reimagined screen recording tool that drastically reduces the time it takes to record, narrate and share ideas.

Unlike other screen capture or screencasting tools, HYFY only requires a few clicks to share videos into JIRA, HipChat, Slack or anywhere else your team is working.

  One-click recording - No video files to convert or upload

  Share directly to JIRA, HipChat or Slack. Or simply copy/paste a link into any other tool.

  HYFY videos are viewable by anyone with no software to install.