Share your pitch faster. Go home early.

Your collateral is a 90 page white-paper or worse – a cheesy brochure. Instead, show and tell clients about your product. Let that slick sales pitch come through with real HYFY videos.

For sales teams that need to capture high quality collateral, HYFY is a reimagined screen recording tool that drastically reduces the time it takes to record, narrate and share sales content.

Unlike other screen capture or screencasting tools, HYFY only requires a few clicks to share videos to your leads and clients.

Don't wait for the next meeting - within a minute of the customer asking if you can do something, send them a HYFY that proves it! Eliminate impediments/objections immediately with fast capture and simple sharing.

Win the sale by being the most responsive sales force. 

  One-click recording - No video files to convert or upload

  HYFY videos are viewable by anyone with no software to install.