HYFY Testimonials


Started my new Pro edition and love it. You guys were one step ahead of me in that I could not record sound when first upgrading to Pro. Low and behold, there was a note in my menu showing you aware of my problem and my recordings were not paired or using my internal mic. I watched the tutorial, went thru the settings process and still no solution. Then took your advice to quit Chrome and reopen Chrome and that solved the problem.. First time I can ever remember that a company was proactive on a problem knew what I should do even before I yelled for help. Nice Going. Love the app, just getting started on using it more and more.

- Walt Stout


Thanks so much for your product, I finally can get away from numerous settings I had to choose each time, from making other accounts on other sites to render the video, then upload it to those sites, get the URL and paste it back onto my site, etc. etc. This is so much easier and simpler. Well done!

- Mike Cleveland, Founder and President of Setting Captives Free


It's a great tool and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Justin, RevenueConduit