The Challenge

Find an effective, efficient way to train and onboard.

  Mike Calvo  Director, Business Development

Mike Calvo
Director, Business Development

Logicbox provides business operations and customer management software for a range of industries — their modules and applications are customized for each client’s needs. “When it comes to training, we don’t have an off-the-shelf module or system today where we can just create one how-to guide and every customer can use it. Because of that, training can be an arduous process,” says Mike Calvo, director, business development.



The Search

Screenshots, documents and cumbersome video tools didn’t fit the bill.

Logicbox found themselves relying on a combination of in-person and phone training sessions, combined with screenshots and paper documentation — none of which was a complete or sustainable way to support their growing customer base. In searching for a solution, Mike considered both Google and Microsoft documentation and collaboration options that would integrate with their existing office suite, but none fit the bill.

Video quickly emerged as the right approach. But the available options were too cumbersome, with multiple plug-ins geared more toward conferencing than true screen recording. Or they were too expensive: slick product demos that not only cost thousands of dollars per month, but wouldn’t be tailored to their customers’ needs.

Logicbox’s need: an easy way to create and share a high volume of custom training and demo videos.